Ali Ozden
Designer of things, living and working in Sydney.

Griffin Theatre 2017 EOFY


Griffin Theatre 2017 EOFY Campaign

Completed at Re
Creative Direction Colin Cornwell
Design Director Ali Ozden
Design Michael Kirkpatrick
Videography De Republica
Photography Nick Lawrence

Located in the heart of Kings Cross in the historic SBW Stables Theatre, Griffin has been dedicated to bringing the best Australian stories to the stage for the better part of four decades. Griffin depends on donations to keep producing these stories. For their End Of Financial Year campaign, they needed something that reminded people why Griffin is such a unique venue and drive donations. That’s where we came in. We knew Griffin was a unique experience for visitors, but what about the actors? Being on the small stage, so close to the audience, watching people react to every word, movement and action must be an incredible experience. So Re and director Mitch Green from De Republica teamed up to produce a short film, shot on location in the Griffin Theatre. We wanted to see and hear from the actors what makes Griffin, Griffin. These are the stories that happen off-stage – stories of how plays came to be, how playwrights found their way to the company and actors to their roles. Stories of talent, triumph and, just occasionally, the type of hilarious misfortune that can’t be scripted.