Ali Ozden
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Lemur Forest Adventure

Lemur Forest Adventure

Completed at Purpose
Creative Direction Ali Ozden & Amber Groves
Design Ali Ozden


‘Expect the unexpected’ became the driving purpose linking the various zones of the precinct… from the sense of entering another world through the forest discovery path, the high intensity action of the play area through to the spectacle of seeing ring-tailed lemurs up close and personal.

Every surface, message and experience became an opportunity to bring this concept to life. An animated entry ceiling. Hidden trees overflowing with textural discovery. Giant, ground-dwelling creatures waiting to be conquered. A kaleidoscope providing a bugs-eye view of the environment.

In essence, every element had a crucial role in telling the greater story by creating a cohesive experience, facilitating a deeper relationship between the exhibit and visitor… and ultimately, presenting an opportunity to share the conservation story in a unique and compelling way.