Ali Ozden
Designer of things, living and working in Sydney.

Southern Cross Dental

Southern Cross Dental

Completed at Purpose
Creative Direction Dan Mercer
Design Dan Mercer & Ali Ozden


At the heart of its operations, Southern Cross Dental was using its global reach to source the best product to get the best result for every client. This cross section of cutting edge dental technology and a commitment to the end consumer, made way for the strategic and creative territory: Precision Care. A position that took advantage of the white space in the category and responded to the need for the addition of a human element into an increasingly faceless industry that had largely resorted to competing on price alone.

The creative approach needed to elevate the brand, creating a sophisticated presence, bringing it in line with the high quality of the product and service offering.

Leveraging from its industry recognised and respected business name, the brand utilises the points of the Southern Cross. However, far from a static approach, we view the constellation over the passing of time — a link to both the brands’ heritage and its instinctively progressive nature. The unique and dynamic mark talks to both the precision and care aspects of the business, with an increased focus on the product sophistication and the personal service.